The Fish

The Pacific Albacore (Thunnus alalunga) is a prolific tuna species.  The Hook and line fishery of the Pacific Northwest coast that we participate in is recognized by Monterey Aquarium’s Seafood Watch as a ‘Best Choice Fishery’.  This means that it is a fish stock that can support the harvest that it is receiving, and the means of fishing (hook and pole) is a responsible way of harvesting these fish.  With a hook and pole fishery there is very little bycatch, and what bycatch we do encounter can almost always be released unharmed.  This is not the case in most net or longline fisheries, where most fish that are caught are killed, whether they are the target species or not.

The pole and line Albacore we catch are part of a very select list put out by the Seafood watch, they call their ‘Super Green’ list.  This is a list of fish and fisheries that not only meet the criteria of being a Best Choice Fishery, but that also provide a an extremely healthy food source for humans.  Albacore were selected because of their very low levels of mercury as well as high levels of omega-3 fatty acids that are so good for human health.

What is 'Day Boat Tuna'?

The term Day Boat Tuna™ refers to fish that are caught and brought back to port for processing the same day.  This provides the freshest and highest quality fish imaginable, but given the nature of the fishery and the distance required to reach it, is difficult to accomplish on any kind of scale.  From the ground up we have built our company, Tre-Fin Foods, to be able to provide this one-of-a-kind product, and it all starts with our boat.

We truly offer “Day-Boat Tuna”.  The F/V Oppor-Tuna-ty was specifically built and altered to be able to make the long run to the fishing grounds and back everyday.  A huge, custom designed bait tank allows us to hold enough bait to make catching a large number of albacore tuna every day possible.  Specially designed insulated fish holds carry 2 TONS of ice daily, allowing us to keep the fish in the best possible condition while on their way to port for processing.  Triple 300-HP outboard engines give the boat the speed needed to get these fish back to port daily, while providing safety and reliability for the fisherman on board..  With the ability to cruise at 30+ mph and haul over 4000 pounds of fresh albacore everyday, the Oppor-Tuna-ty is one of the only boats in the PNW that has the capability to truly provide day-boat tuna to a larger market.  While some other companies may advertise day-boat tuna, many cannot truly produce a day boat fish, and none can match our commitment to quality.

What does this commitment to quality mean?  A lot of work, that's what it means! The entire Tre-Fin team takes pride that every fish is handled and cared for immediately as it is caught.  We go so far as to lay rubber matts all over the deck of the boat to help cushion the fish for the few moments it takes to get the hook out! No matter how fast the fish are biting, a strict protocol from the moment the fish is netted (yes, netted...  no gaff wounds here!),  each fish is bled and chilled in a saltwater ice slurry within the first minute of being landed.  Once the fish have come down to temperature in this saltwater ice bath, they are then packed in specially designed and insulated fish boxes where they are covered in saltwater ice for the trip back to port.  All this leads to the highest quality tuna that can be bought anywhere!


Taking this one-step further, We have built a certified processing facility right where our boat is moored. This allows our full-time, Father-son fillet team to to process our fish and transform them into beautiful, super high quality loins. These are then vacuum sealed and quick frozen all within 48 hours of the fish being caught!  There is not a higher quality Albacore loin available anywhere!  By having control over every step of catching and processing the fish, we we can guarantee our quality beyond that of anything else available. We take great pride in making that statement and in the hard work that is required to reach it.  That is our commitment to you, the conscientious seafood consumer.  

Want to put your name on a share of our catch this summer?  Look HERE for more info!